What are we about?
Why are we doing what we do?

mike_graberMike Graber

Mike Graber’s career in the financial services industry began in 1982. For the next 14 years he worked for one of the largest most respected firms in the US. After holding various positions in Indiana, Illinois, Chicago and a brief stint in Newark NJ, Mike moved back to Southwestern Indiana to raise his family. Mike held positions with 2 of the larger community banks prior to joining The Insurance Shop, Inc. in 2001.

Family is especially important to Mike. Mike grew up seeing how the values of Hard Work, Honesty, and Integrity do make a positive difference in life. These qualities were passed onto Mike from his father’s Amish heritage. But the greatest lesson learned was that other people are to be valued. Today those values are at the core of how the Plan Well Retire Well program operates.

In 2014 a statistic was published stating that 74% of people who claimed their Social Security benefits chose an option that reduced their lifetime benefits and potentially cost their families tens of thousands of dollars. The logical question was to ask was WHY? After understanding why so many people made such costly decisions, we went to work developing a program to assist pre retirees and retirees as they consider how to properly structure their Social Security and Retirement Income. That effort resulted in the Plan Well Retire Well® program being created

Over the course of 2014 and early 2015, Mike met with financial experts from around the country. He assembled a team of Strategic Partners, each an expert in their planning field. With this team in place this Plan Well Retire Well® program is now available, and families throughout Southwestern Indiana and North Central Kentucky are taking advantage of this unique service.

Strategic Partners

To ensure our clients receive the most up to date, and cutting edge solutions to create their Retirement Income Plans, we have assembled a team of renowned experts as Strategic Partners. Included on our team are Professionals recognized as Experts in Social Security. In addition our team includes Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, Certified Financial Analysts and Attorneys.

We use a Team approach when putting together your Retirement Income Plan. By using our expert team we stay up to date on changes in the Tax Code, changes in the Law, and changes in Social Security. We believe this Team approach sets us apart from most who work in the Social Security and Retirement Income planning field. It is not uncommon for people who utilize our PLAN WELL RETIRE WELL services to make comments such as “We’ve never heard that before.” 

According to several financial publications, the number one mistake people make is their failure to get a 2nd opinion for their Retirement Income Plan. Our hope is that you will take advantage of the comprehensive PLAN WELL RETIRE WELL program we offer. We are confident that your experience with us can give you peace of mind about your Social Security Claiming Strategy decisions, and make your overall Retirement Income and Legacy Planning stronger.